Another "Genius" answer on exam papers

Resuming from previous "Genius" Answer,
i've found another "genius" answer exam papers. I don't know about you, but me personally, this time i would said they're desperate already...haha
to make it easier for you to understand, the teacher always use the red ink :) and you know what?the teacher surely have a good sense of humors

whose lion is better?

tell you what?this one's gonna make a great career as illustrator

NO!! keep your eyes on the road! not the speedometer!

LOL...nice panda's drawing there.

ummm...Judy, that was so rude...but i'll give you a plus for honesty

okay, i can say this problem is creative actually.
connecting the physics with life-saving.
anyway, you can see the student's answer below

LOL! we don't negotiate with terrorist! nice one!

Yeah, explained the graph correctly.
But unfortunately, that's not what the problem asked.

. . .



what a hilarious post yellow :p

my fave is drawing a lion and ugly boy..:D

those kids really know how to have fun!!!! hihihihi

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