So, we meet again on "Found it today" :)
and now, it's bookmark edition, i've gathered some of what i called modern-unique-and-creative bookmarks. And remember, it's just based from what i've found so far...maybe you have your own designed bookmark that can be called creative?you can send me the pic :)

anyway, let's see them one by one :D

1. [LITE]READ - LED bookmark
[LITE]READ functions as a bookmark and portable reading light. This is handy device that can be used for reading in a dark environment without disturbing others. I don't know if it can be called a bookmark rather than flashlight...hihi

2. Animal Bookmarks
This bookmarks are made from (real) pig suede and bull leather. The tails of the animals look quite cute when hanging from your book...available with monkey, girrafe, mice, dog, and other animals design

3. Flower Petal Bookmarks
Okay, this one isn't a pure bookmark actually, more like post-it. Each transparent flower petal has an adhesive back, so if you mark several places in your book, it looks like if a flower grow out of your book... a nice way to put some "freshness" to your boring book :p

4. Book and Spectacles Bookmark
These bookmarks are using the book itself and the spectacles as their design. It's actually thin leather straps with little charms on the end. mmm...Maybe you can use this for keychain or even mobile phone strap?

5. Story of a Bookmark
This is quite fun actually, it looks like that a bird or a mermaid were came outside from the story inside. What an imagination... :)

6. The Abracadabra puffy bookmark
The Abracadabra bookmark contains an air filled chamber, half of it is flattened by the weight of the book. Squeezing the other side inflates the concealed side and lifts the page just enough for your finger to slip in. Very useful :)

7. The Favbook Bookmark
The idea is to combine the convenience of fresnel lense with luxury silver bookmark. The lens is made from high quality durable plastic, frame of silver.

8. Bleeding Bookmark's just like your book is bleeding...hmmm maybe perfect for horror or thriller book.

so, which one is your favourite, hm?



#8! :D ohohohohoho...

hmmm...better search where we can find those #8 bookmarks :p


tell me if u found where to get #8...


haha love the bleeding ones!

wow...I was searching for those bookmars and found those #8 bookmars

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