Aremanvin Vs Designani Wall Art

Hello reader, we meet again :) it's been a while since our last post.
i haven't made any post yet few days earlier, because me and my friends were doing some wall art for this past few days. At noon, we've got work to do, so the only time left to do this was only at evening till midnight, that's why it took long time to finished it. But, i'm glad it's done near-perfectly (yeah, we've made some here-and-there adjusment from the sketches)

anyway, you can see our works here :) Enjoy!

let's begin with sketching the first wall...

first coloring...

another drawing and coloring...

still coloring the first wall, while the others are begin to sketch the second wall

detailing the first wall, and (still) sketching the second's...

final result on first wall, but still lack on detailing...

far from perfect sketch and coloring...still got a lot of work to do...

coloring the second wall...

yeah, you're right...that's Punk there :)

i don't know what he was doing...sleeping maybe :p hihi

yeah, she needs some sleep too :p

detailing the artwork...

doing another final detailing and finishing...

the "workers" (there are still 3 peoples, but they aren't there at that time)

anyway, here's the final results:

the first wall,

the second wall,


the "not-so-beautiful-hands-of-artists" :))

look, even we've got our lovely blog's name written there too! hahaha

how' that?not bad wasn't it? :) and it's nice to work with you guys!

What a talent...

this is hilariously funny!


"Genius" answer...

Let's see the answer's sheet below...i dunno if they are desperate or genius. But honestly, i love some of their answers :p

LOL! i love this one!

let's see, at least the student's is trying to solve the problem with some formulas :p (eventhough in the end, the answer is still in "desperate" category)

wrong answer, but i love the way of your thinking...

the funny part is the teacher's comment...LOL

why is it wrong??Peter is right, Peter "expand" them...

honestly?i think she's smart :p

Straight to the point!

this guy's actually a genius...he's only had lack of confidence when his friend ask this question : "are you sure it is the right answer?it looks difficult" can't predict whats inside some geniuses head...


Icon: Accessories for my lover ♥

White is currently my everyday lover.. never a day without meeting white.. hihi :">..
If he's gone, of course i will shed tears :'(, can't work too >.<
But.. despite how unlimited-big my love is.. sometimes white's appearance bores me..
That's why, i often put some accessories on him.
Oops.. forget to tell you.. White is my macbook.

Here's part of my white's screenshot. I changed the picture of the folder, to make it easier for me to find files. Also, to let my white has some fun.. hihihi..

Compare the left and the right.
Which folder set is better?
I'm using the left set.
I made the right one (old-blue-classic folder) just to show the comparison to you.

The good news is..
i have a FREE loony animal folder set to decorate your computer too!

Feel free to let us know
if you have trouble changing it

Hev Fun Experimenting ^^~

Blood types and it's characteristics

Some of you maybe know about different blood types and their different characteristics (even you maybe also knew about blood-type diet). Okay, so in today's post, we're gonna see their characteristics. Oh, don't worry, i'm not gonna explain it with lot of words and "dictionary-languange-that-only-God-and-scientists-know-what-it-means". It's in Indonesian, but i'll provide the English translations for another readers :)

Each Blood Type Characteristics

1st pic
A - (Thinking) Ugh.. nasty...
O - (Thinking) Not as good as I make it
AB - %$^&%##
B - slurp..

2nd pic
B - Yuck.. what kind of food is this?! Really not a food for human!

Below the pictures:
One of the positive thing for blood type B (or negative thing) is that they just say what they want to say. Even though B is thinking the same thing as the others, he has the guts to say it out loud.


About their way of thinking...

1st pic

AB - ....

2nd pic
B - What are you doing there?

A - Why is he like that?
O - What's wrong? Why? Why?

3rd pic
AB - don't you guys feel there is a monster aura down there? very scary laugh...

the others - ""-____-

Below the picture: AB's way of thinking is unique and special. Very hard to understand it.


When driving

AB situation
AB - Owww
Its easy for AB to get sleepy in the car

B situation
B - Hey girl, wanna join me?
B very easy to get distracted, likes to look around.

O situation
O - OMG! He drives very slow! Damn! Is that a car or snail?!
O rush and easily get bored

A situation
A - it is still 300m up front. still able to accelerate for 200m. that bus is still braking slowly. hehe.. I am good..
A really wants to be perfect and very proud with his/her ability

when they're all in one car

A - huff, I have the talent (slowly)
B - (singing) baby let me hold you~
AB - huahh~
O - can you drive faster? Boss, put the pedal to the metal!


When they get together to gossip about other people

A situation..

1st pic
A - "He is careless when he's talking!"
Always able to talk about others flaw

2nd pic
A - "He likes to talk about other people behind their backs even though he's kinda good looking"
Likes to talk but does not say harsh things

3rd pic
A - "Hope he won't find out about this"
B - "O really?"
O - "100% correct!"

A afraid if the person he/she talking about finds out about it..

B situation
A - "what do you think?"
B - "I just know he's like that"

B doesn't really care/notice about these things

O situation
O - "ARRGH! He is just a piece of trash!"
B - "it's starting.."

O will use a short, simple words that gets to the point

AB situation
AB - "you guys are the same as him.."
the others - bi**h

AB will stay cool, tend not to join in the conversations


O cannot be on time.

1st pic
O - "Sorry! You guys have waited for a while huh?"
The others - "Huh, like usual" "You have a busy life huh?"

2nd pic
O - well, the train is always full
A - (on the phone) all of us are here, where are you?

3rd pic
A - (on the phone) WHAT?! STILL AT HOME? Why not go out?!
O - ?

4th pic
B - Huahh~ Suddenly I don't feel like going out.. Just want to stay at home..


From what I heard, different blood types like to stay at different places when they are in a room.

A - Likes to stand next to the wall
B - Likes to stand in the middle
O - Likes to wander/move around the room
AB - Likes to be by themselves at the corner of the room

This is how when different blood type are in the same room (last picture)


Other characteristics

1st pic
Teacher - Don't ever cross this line!
O - Why?

A situation
A - mmhhh~
will never cross the line

B situation
teacher - WEI!!
once being told, do it right away

O situation
O - ...
Wait for the teacher until she's not there, then cross the line

AB situation
AB - him and him too
O - hahh~
B - Ouw!
wait for the teacher to come back then tell her everything

when together.. just like this.. (last picture)


So how's about that?is that true?you tell me :)

Thank you for the nice Valentine's day!

So, as i promised's some photos of us at Valentine's night yesterday. Enjoy! :)

here's what we were eating last was beautifully taken, wasn't it? :)

Anyway, right after dinner, we decide to watch the midnight cinema at Surabaya Town Square. And guess what?we can't even enter the parking lot! it looks like everybody spend their valentine's night here. Great. So where to go next?

our friend, Anvin suggest and offer several choices, like:
1. spend the rest of the night at Karaoke booth
arrived at 10PM. At first, Pink thought "what kind of people spend their valentine's night at karaoke?"...but we were wrong, when we arrived, even we have to queue until 11PM! so here's my answer for your thought Pink : "the people who don't know where to go, because everywhere elses is already full-booked" :p hihihi. forget the karaoke...let's move on.
2. Drago Brasserie
it's a cafe, located at the main street, but unfortunately, the parking lot is soooo poor. that's why i'm too lazy to go there -_-;
3. Church
yeah, you're not wrong or misread it...CHURCH! at almost 11PM. Great idea, Vin.
3. Starbucks
this is where we were spent the rest of valentine's night together.

this is another beautiful photo
shoot. it's Pink again :) thank you for your time and this nice photos! seriously!

Anyway, thank you to all of you guys (Anvin, Adi, Chong, Yudi, Hany, Big), who are willing to spend your time with us :) we were surely had a great Valentine's party! let's hang out together again some other time :)

Yellow
this Valentine morning...

So, how are you, readers? it's Valentine today, for those who celebrate it, we wish you have a very nice Valentine's day with your loved one. Also, for those who are single, don't worry, you have your friends and family with you, because Valentine is not about sharing love just to your loved one, but with everybody, your friends, family, etc. (why suddenly i sounds so wise?). Besides, "Everyday is Valentine", right?

Anyway, my Valentine's morning (okay, afternoon actually) activities started with checking my mail, my FB, my cellphone, and drop by here :p, no special things. And i have to attend a "small-gathering" party this evening. Maybe, there will be 8 persons, 2 of them are girls, the rests are boys. One funny thing while i invite this boys, they keep asking the same question "who are the girls?", "any girls?", "why don't you invite any girls?", "why are boys more dominant?", "do you have any girl friend?, i prefer the single one", "are we having a gay party?" (okay, so far this is the weirdest question). Don't you worry guys, we're gonna have a great time hanging out tonight!. Just like what Mika said :
"...Everybody's gonna love today,
Gonna love today, gonna love today.
Everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today,
Anyway you want to, anyway you've got to,
Love love me, love love me, love love..."

By the way, while i was writing this post, i also browsing to somewhere else (now you know why i always take a long time to publish posts), i found this interesting thing :

the tagline is : there is something wrong, it is not a film about livestocks
Kambingjantan the movie : This the movie i want to watch next month. A weird title actually, KambingJantan is Male Goat(?) in English, this film is about life's story of a male named Raditya Dika (if you happen to understand Indonesia language, feel free to see his blog), and his "extraordinary-and-stupid-life-experiences". Why i want to watch this? because i've read his 4 previous books before, and believe me he is truly a funny guy and a talented young Indonesian writer! So i'm so curious about his life's story (errr...his stupid acts actually :p). Can't say much, just wait for the film and the review.

Okay, i think that's enough for now. Gonna make a cup of iced tea, grab some cookies, and watch the next episodes of Southpark :p. After that, i'm gonna attend tonight's event. just wait for the exclusive photo :)

to be continue...

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