Prostate Cancer
Faster than prostate cancer

Testicular Cancer
Faster than testicular cancer

Even faster than breast cancer

I love this ad series! :)
This PSA is from Light House Foundation.
Love the illustration, the coloring, and the grunge look. ha! Eye catching, memorable and standout.

"Thyroid cancer is growing 5 times faster than testicular cancer. Ask your doctor to check your neck. It could save your life."
Advertising Agency: Lowe, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wnek
Creative Director: Bernie Hogya
Art Director/Copywriter: Raj Kamble, Chip Rich
Designer: Ken Rabe
Illustrator: Keith Negley



the illustrations, so classic, and somehow reminding me to one of the graphic styles :)
and i love how the creative team connect between each illustrations and the messages :p

nice found!


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