nyontreng siapa?
Phew...it's been almost 2 months. Life's been so busy and hectic.
Lots of things are happening. Not to mention that here comes our holiday already~ lalala..
Well, not really a holiday actually, just off from our assistant lecturer job but not for our design job.

This is not -yet- an update about us..but tomorrow is one of the most important day in Indonesia history, as we gonna choose our president. And i just can't resist not to post this funny pic i got from my mail..hihihi

*our president candidates compare to doraemon's family *

that picture (quite) describes our president personality n character ya??..hihihi
am i rite? :p btw, be a good Indonesia citizen by voting tomorrow ya :p

catch up with u all in the next post
gotta sleep now..

ps: i want doraemon to be the next president....(✪‿✪)


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