Visionaire Magazine : Pop-up Issue

Visionaire Magazine is a multi format album-magazine for fashion and art. Visionaire features a different theme and format each issue, and collaborated with many different artists to interpreted the theme. Oh yeah, while you have time to visit the website, check their previous issues too, so inspirational for a publication design.

On the latest issue, the theme was "Pop-up", and it is a really impressive pop-up book.
How impressive? check it out

p.s : this one's got my big should see how high the pop up in the video below.

For more detailed how's this magazine's pop-up work, you can see the video

. . .

via Visionaire


like this...

tsk tsk tsk...
edian!!! wapik!! ♥ :D

kok isa ya bikin gitu..ckckck...luar biasa!!



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