Found it today #3

Hiya all!
We meet again...this past 2 days i haven't found anything for you, i have to finish my jobs, and spending time with my friends, hang out, etc., just to prove that we have real-life too..hahaha :)
Anyway, like always, i was browsing, to find something that we gonna share with you. The weird thing is, why i found so many "unecessary things" tonight (like the GIF animation above)? Ah who cares, as long as it can make you at least smiling.
FYI : by "unecessary things" i don't say all of them was useless things, some of them i could say "creative" or "out-of-the-box"

here we go!

1. Portable Dining Set

Portable lunch setting by talented product designer Demelza Hill. Somehow, i found this so creative and makes us easier to bring the meal and the dining set together.

2. Bottle cap tripod

hahaha...this is sure "creative" and useful for everybody who loves to take picture anywhere and any places. You don't know when will you bring Tripod...this is your solution!
anyway, the risk of broken camera is at your own...

3. Camera Lens Calendar

This is actually a corporate gift from photographer Sharad Haksar--click to see the site.
The focus, shutter speed and aperture rings are used to display the year, month and date. Hey, Mr. Sharad...can you send one for me?please? hihi

4. Etre Touchy Winter Gloves
Let's see the what the product is offering : Etre Touchy gloves give you the best of both worlds: They give you the warmth and dryness of a normal pair of gloves combined with the touch-screen / electronic device compatibility of fingerless gloves.
unecessary...but nice...
but really, this is so insightful, somehow i knew that using touch screen or holding something with your fingertips covered with gloves is a hard thing :)

5. Normal Bookmark (serious, it's just so normal)
Just a simple bookmark, but let's see how the designer presenting the design :
"normal bookmark is a simple, plain bookmark made from quality paper with a natural texture and color. When you slot a normal bookmark into a book, it begins to do its job quietly. It has just the right thickness and bends a little with the flipping of pages. Its natural shade blends humbly into the book. The slightly textured surface keeps it from falling."
really...really...simple...but you have to learn from them, how to presenting your product. :p

ah really..really..unnecessary-but-creative things. don't you think so?



Portable dining set - can't imagine having steak on that thing... must be a hard work nop......

Bottle cap pod - simple digicam will do. but like your D400? are u kidding me? hahaha..
I'll call it nyongsop.

Calendar - ugh... nice but not automatic. I'll skip this. ;p

Winter gloves - agree...... I've seen one that's specially designed for a smoker.. ^^

That bookmark - duh! I hate normal. so..... sayonara normal bookmark. Pink detest you.

ps. i want some laugh noooop!!!!
hehehehe... ayo ngelawako....

kok ngelawak?
hahahaha...ya wes taktulisi skripnya Srimulat ae nek gitu...hihihi
besok2 lah, wes mayan bosen ngepost yang penting...hihi

you hate the normal bookmark?don't worry, i'll search the creative one for you on the next posts :D "bookmark edition specials"

D400 on bottle cap pod?it's RRRReally dangerous...hahaha

umm..gloves designed for smoker?did you mean the gloves with hole for cigarette?
mwahahahahaha...funny one that is!


actually i like that normal bookmark.
agree with yellow... with good communication and good presentation, even shit could be appetite..

arekmbulu iki sapa ya?
apakah :
a. arek yang awaknya mbulu i?
b. arek dari ambulu a.k.a juwet?


ak senyum2 liat obama joged itu..hihihi
agree with juwet (arekmbulu)....:P that's a great comm and presentation!!!!

kayake kok gampang jatoh ya portable dining set itu.. =__=
and that Obama having fun.. hahaaha lucuneeeeee... :D
knapa kok seblahe Hilary, bukan Michelle :D

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