love pink ♥

How are you today? 

Are you a good citizen who voted (like me:p)?
or prefer sleeping during it (like my bro:p..hihi sori bro..)?

I enjoy this holiday mode. 
Rite now, i'm writing this while am *males-malesan* laying on my bed and finishing my last yummy-cookie-yesterday-gift from pink. Finally, all of them are gone >_<. Can't wait for another cookies and cake from pink! She is really a great super talented chef and baker. Apple Pie. Strawberry Cheesecake. Steamed Cupcakes. Sugar Snow Cake. and else. Just need to think about what i drool over, name it to her. And voila! Don't know how, Pink will show up with that yummy homemade thing the next day. 
Don't you think that's fantastic?? ✪‿✪. 
Most wonderful of all, She made it by love (cause she loves me veri peri duper the link for a proof) 
and am soooooo touched by it :">. 
"Thank you soo much've made my day!"  

A smile appears on my face when i recall my memory about her.
Lots of people usually asks "where's pink?". If i show up at campus without her. And somehow i feel happy if they ask that. It means they know that we are close to each other. For me, she is a brilliant motivator (agree, yellow?:p). Some said she has a 'medeni' first impression..but once you get to know her better, you will find a sweet pure innocent girl. or let's say..she is 95% angel and 5% devil >:). Without a doubt, her impression will stick on you..a true sanguine with admirable aura, i think. Not to mention that she is a dedicated great teacher and amazing photographer too. Wow...what a combo!
I just want to tell the whole world that i loveeee her so :">....... 

Oh no..i think i have to dad is calling me to help him...better run now or i will got scolded xp...*kaburrrrr* btw...before i go...have i told you that recently I'm busy with restaurant city, one of facebook game from playfish? The game rule is so simple yet fun. I often pop there while my mind got filled up with deadlines and tight schedules. That game is cute enough to refresh my brain to be able to come up with a new idea for design. You should try it :D. c ya all.


thank you mon2.... :">
*terdiam, tak tahu harus dikemanakan rasa malu malu bahagia ini*

restaurant city!
yesssss... cong told me bout that app, added it but haven't played it yet.
I should give a try soon. (after the fluff hunt is over!) hihihihi...

i'm a good citizen...although i wasn't vote yesterday :p

*terdiam, tak tahu harus dikemanakan rasa malu malu bahagia ini* ---> waakakakak komenmu asik gini heh Pang?

ah restaurant city...wes diinvite moy bolak balek, cuma ga tau accept
semoga ini mainan yang gak harus ditelateni tiap hari :p

ur welcome mi...
ak wes ga tau lagi ya apa hrs mengungkapkan rasa bahagia klo mbo kasi cake n cookies :p
d fbku ae smp ada yg komen minta resep...kikikikikiki >:)
buka bakery ae wes...tabikino logo :p

lmyn asik mi..kayak lemonade tycoon itu lo...jd ada yg beli2...
milih resep yg dijual...asik e cm pas dekor restoran gbr lmyn lucu...

nop...inget perjanjian kita kan?
kapan2 mesti ngado
sekarung terigu n gula :p

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