Weird woman(?)

this is so weird yet the most creative ambience media i've seen so far at TP

Just a quick share for all of you, last Saturday, i went to TP, and i was distracted by a woman figure sticking her head to the wall.
First, i thought she was a real person, but then i realized that she didn't moving at all. Just then I took a pic, and examine "it" thoroughly (by examine, i mean just by looking at it, not by groping it). It was an ambience media for Miracle Aesthetic Clinic...there is also a message beside the statue, if i remembered it correctly, it says "are you ready to face the world?" (IF i remembered it correctly).
I don't know if it really an effective way to deliver the message, but one thing for sure, this is the most creative ad i've seen so far in TP. And surely this is getting attentions from many peoples.


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