Instigated Jealousy Kit

Create your own love marks.

»Traces of an Imaginary Affair« is a kit containing a set of nine tools which can be used to create an imaginary affair. These tools leave marks on the body, such as bite marks, carpet burns, bondage marks, love bites, scratches and bruises. In addition, probes of perfume, lipstick and hair can be applied to either the body or clothes.

It's actually an art project. The project broaches the issue of intentionally instigated jealousy in relationships, which often serves to bolster self-esteem or to test the strength of partnerships. How to use it? you can see it here :

Hair traces

Rug carpet burn's traces

Bruise traces

Bondage's traces

Bite's traces

Scratches traces

Kiss traces

Love Bite's traces

. . .

Very kinky...and my final suggestion? "don't play with fire"



interesting, but pathetic..
fun, but dangerous...

ps. don't forget to give credit to the source man..... :)

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