This is so cool!

Take a look at these cool headphones. They were entries for Nokia Music Almighty Headset competition, which invited people to design a Nokia Bluetooth headset inspired by their favorite song. The interesting thing was, the winning design was made into a fully functional set of headphones, to be showcased in flagship Nokia stores around the world, including the Nokia headquarters in Helsinki

Above, that was the winning design from almost 7,500 entries. The designer, Johnny Lighthands was inspired by Michael Jackson's song Thriller. You can see the making ini progress at Johnny's site

The rest from concept to creation are :
1. Inspired by Michael Jackson's song (Free Willy) Will You Be There

2. Inspired by Rufige Kru's track Dark Metal

3. Inspired by Daft Punk's song Robot Rock

4. Inspired by R.Kelly's song I Believe I Can Fly

And, here's the other design that didn't made their way to creation process :

1. "Roar While Roam"inspired by Timbaland - The Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson)

2. "Race Queen" inspired by Yello - The Race

3. Inspired by the MUSE track Stockholm Syndrome

4. "Money, Gold, Diamonds, and Scratches" inspired by Got Money by Lil Wayne

. . .



ohohhoo.. fancy fancy thing..
iki lek ceblok n putul sayap-e, or coplok batu nisan-e hoooo malese.....

estetik? yah.. terhgantung selera....
fungsi? standard bee ya....
tp maintenance iki nop.... ooooohohohohohohoho....
nehik nehik tralalala men. >.<

maintenance e gampang...
abis punya ini, tinggal masukin kotak kaca hampa udara, kasii silica gel...
wes, pandangi aja, ga usah dipake




i speak english

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