"Genius" answer...

Let's see the answer's sheet below...i dunno if they are desperate or genius. But honestly, i love some of their answers :p

LOL! i love this one!

let's see, at least the student's is trying to solve the problem with some formulas :p (eventhough in the end, the answer is still in "desperate" category)

wrong answer, but i love the way of your thinking...

the funny part is the teacher's comment...LOL

why is it wrong??Peter is right, Peter "expand" them...

honestly?i think she's smart :p

Straight to the point!

this guy's actually a genius...he's only had lack of confidence when his friend ask this question : "are you sure it is the right answer?it looks difficult"

yeah...you can't predict whats inside some geniuses head...




hush! kedengeran sampe sini lo! hihihi



iki mbiyen kan inspired by these emails'

hahaha iya Wet...betul.
ini versi lainnya dari yang Pinasthikamu :D hehehe

Genius indeed........
One of the kind in the species..... ^____^

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