friend of life


do you know that three of us are assistant lecturers?
most of you may do..
but do you know that we are also a love problem assistant lecturer? :p hihihi..
*this post is for someone who chit chatted with me, yellow and adi that day in our campus :).i know he will read this.*
don't ask me who he is cause those are our secret.

i just found this and want to share it with him and with you ;) ♥

When you find someone who makes you smile,
When you find someone who makes you learn to love,
Who makes you wake up to the reality of life,
When you find someone who truly listens and shares what she/he thinks,
When you find you want to spend every hour, every minute, every nanosecond with that person,
Keep him/her...
And if she/ he's not yet yours, find him/her.
Everything starts with that one step that makes all the difference in the world.



cuit cuittttt
to tweet...

di... who the heaven is that girl?


girl? what girl?

dit....bacaen lagi...itu maksutnya bukan adi yg konsultasi..hihi...
ada arek dkv angkatan bawah..cowok...yang kita (ak-adi-nopi) konsultasiin :p

maap, saya gak ikutan konsultasiin...saya hanya tukang nggacor yang kadang2 memperkeruh suasana...

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