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Okay, today's I'm not gonna bringing up the classic battle again between Windows Vs Mac. Most of you maybe already knew that Mac system actually have better user interface, and offering new things for your desktop experience, such as Dock system (that've been copied to Windows system, thanks to the developer), and with new Leopard system, you can add file stack--see the pic on the right, see the stack that came out from the dock?that's file stack.
Meanwhile, Windows also introducing their new Vista's desktop, that offering new standard of Windows desktop--see the pic on the left. Okay enough about both of them.

There is actually some developers that bringing the term "desk top" to your desktop, literally. Confuse? let's take a look at this :

BumpTop 3D Desktop Zen

The BumpTop is an installable software program that overlays your Window's desktop (oh nooo, why it's only for Windows OS??), giving you a 3-D view desktop. You can drag pictures to pin on virtual walls, stack your files like the real paper files, just like what you usually done to your desk top.
Other interesting thing, it can also upload the photos from your desktop to your Facebook's account without even opening the Facebook's page. (wow, Facebook is getting crazier, after iPhone, Blackberry, now even they affect desktop design?)

You can see how it actually works, here, just watch the video

See that?really cool, just like what we've seen on those Sci-Fi movies. Anyway, BumpTop 3D desktop is available for free and Pro version. Both the free and Pro versions include the primary features such as piling, icon interaction, intuitive gestures, themes, widgets and zooming photo slideshows. The Pro version also allows users to create an unlimited number of Sticky notes (free version capped at 2), allows users to flip through piles as a search mechanism and includes a premium level of technical support for users. Just check their website--via BumpTop

What about me?honestly, i'm not interesting, although they also make a poll should they make it too for Mac.
for me, more simple, more better ;) i love my cluttered desktop (Nop, "simple" actually didn't have same meaning as cluttered...)
So, if you happened to download it already, you can share your experience with us




still...prefer a mac :p


This desktop theme is awesome!!
I like it.. lol

Thanks for sharing :thumbs:

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