Found it today #1

See the note above?let's try that first before you continue to read the rest of the post. just wanna know the results on others, tell me okay? :)
I myself, has tried it several times, and always done exactly what the note said. weird. *okay, now i looked like a retarded person behind my desk, swinging my right foot, while drawing a "6" figure in the air*

Anyway, i think i'm gonna share you some interesting things i've found while i was browsing. hope you can get inspired, or at least a little bit grinning :p

1. Breeze Excel : Postal Campaign

A very nice idea for direct-mail by LOWE, Bangkok.
Ad campaign for Breeze Excel where clothing detergent samples were sent in a box wrapped in a white tshirt, Instead of finding a free gift on inside, the gift itself wrapped the product. So when arrived it was perfectly dirty to test the sample on.

The recipient will receive this package, and if they wanted their shirts to looks good as new, all they had to do is use the product.
Very clever indeed.

2. IE6 sucks! (Splash page for visual artist Joe Lifrieri's site)

Okay, for some of you who happened to understand this, or even knew about this, IE a.k.a Internet Explorer is the most annoying web browser for website designer, because it has some un-compatibility with present days CSS code.
Joe Lifrieri made this splash pages for his website that will show every time his visitor trying to access his web with IE browser. I myself haven't tried it with IE, in fact i don't use IE. :p

So, if some of you happened to use IE as your browser, you can check his website - Hugs For Monster. And don't forget to tell me, okay? :)
by the way, why don't you try opening PEBEYE with IE too...and you'll know what i mean.
long live Firefox!! (oh i hope those Firefox's developer seen this and make me their brand ambassador...mwahahaha)

3. Dr. Gregory House from House TV series

Haha, i've just talked with Pink about this TV series...and suddenly i found his cartoonized self-portrait, done by Will Murai. So, Pink, consider this is a "gift" for you...hihi

Everybody, meet Dr. Gregory House, the most clever and self centered diagnostician in the world (only happen in that TV series, actually). Who he is actually? you can see his details here - Gregory House. Anyway, the TV series has reached 5th season, and worth to watch, smart jokes, and full of interesting knowledge about medication :)

Me and Pink always laugh in this conversation :
Dr. House : *breaking through the surgery room and yell* "Don't touch the eyes!!"
surgeon : *confuse* "but...this is an appendectomy..."
Dr. House : "oh? i said, don't touch the eyes..."
and then he left...

4. Black Vs White Color Jokes

p.s : Hey Pink, i found the illustrated version!
okay peoples, no need to be insulted or feel harrased...this is just a joke :)

Let's see if i can find something interesting again next time :)



wakakakak..those IE ads are so f*cking rude.... but i love it! hihi..
*think I might have become just like House, yes?*
ps. apik illustrasine! :D

btw, I didn't have any problem swinging my foot and drawing a 6.... should I?

errrr my comment is just like Pink..
the ads are all so funny!! and sarcasm.. :D specially that IE ad!

that Mr House... *big applause to the cartoonist*

and hahahha that black and white cartoon is so funny!!
thx for sharing yaa ;)

HUAHAHAHAHA... I love the Greg House, MD. nice one! thanks for sharing!

ah...i knew your last joke about black and white!
it is actually nominated as World's Best Poem in 2005
and is written by an african kid..:)

i love the direct mail nup!
and admire the cartoonist of House too ♥
*kapan ya bs nggambar gt :p*

Nice shit

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