Found it today #2

Like always, i was browsing again today..."been there, click that, and forgot how i ended in this galleries".
I found above image so cheerful and attract my attention between other images, so i'm gonna share it with you :)
Somehow, i just love the colors and the feels... :) *(not an) art curator mode :on*
and i love how the photographer takes the moments...and with all those balloons... *(not a) photography expert mode : on*
Can anybody teach me how to do 'cross processing' technique at Photoshop?i've tried to do some experiments just to get the result like above's photo, seems like it didn't worked :p, so i'll be verry happy if you can show me how.

Anyway, let's see what i've found for you today :)

1. Photoshop CS4 : As Real As It Gets
What a great execution...It's a perfect reflection of Photoshop software...hahaha
And what makes us should be proud is :
Brand:, software reseller
Advertising Agency : Bates141, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative director : Hendra lesmono
Art Directors : Andreas Junus, Irawandhani Kamarga
Copywriter : Darrick Subrata
Photographer : Anton Ismael
It was made by Indonesian Agency! nice work, guys!

2. Photoshop CS3 toolbox tie

Still about Photoshop. Okay, it's just funny and creative. Nothing important, it's just a birthday gift from one graphic designer to other designer.
actually, they bought a tie and print it (yes, print it...phew). It'll be more perfect if the end of the tie was triangle-shaped :)

3. Mike Mak's Eyeclock
Mwahahaha...i love the design! so simple, clean, and minimalistic...and it's sort of funny to see the expressions made by the eyes whenever it shows the time :)
it's just like the designer's said : "Eyeclock is a pleasuring clock which gives pleasure while telling you time."

4. Really short film : i can read the movies
Okay let's see the title..."i can read the movies". In simple way, it means you can read the movie, and don't forget, it is really shortf film.
I loved the simple idea and presentation of them. Samurai on the Toilet is funny! just see the expressions...and to thinks they had emoticons back in 1970, weird actually. Mitch Ansara is the guy who did this stuff. he also made some amazing book covers in the 60s style for fictional movie novelizations.

that's all for today...enough with my lovely "bitten apple" back to House,M.D :)



wah... I want that tie..............

...and i want that clock... :p

huaaaaa.....i love the photoshop indo....apikkkk ya ✪‿✪
i want that clock toooo!

yang motret ama nge-DI PS CS4 iku studio magangku biyen horeee ...


clock nya lucuuuuuuuuuu :D
bli dimana yaa.. hmm...

Ok that is like the best picture I have seen in awhile! It made my day very cheery! I love it!


lek ndak salah sing nomer 1 itu menang best crafting waktu d CP

That picture just made my day!

Its soo beautiful, i'd love to be able to create pictures like that =P

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