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Update :
*15/04 : add another update for 5th presentation*

For Visual Communication Design 4 students, let's have a look at these Ads Parade...
This time we're gonna talk about billboard and other unconventional media. As always, don't copy it, take a look, think for a while about your product, what to say, and apply it to your designs.

Playboy's beach towel

HP Photosmart Escalator Ad

Big Babol Bubblegum's Billboard (hey i made all of it it started with "B")

more images, you can check--Fascinating Ads World 2

. . .

Goodluck for your brainstorming and executions process :)
and don't forget to prepare everything for your 5th presentation.
*update : what should you prepare for 5th presentation?you can see it here*

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