Inglish Vocabulary

Do you ever heard of Inglish?
Inglish is an Indonesian languange that got mixed with English language (okay, i made that up, there is no such thing as Inglish). maybe some of you ever heard one of communication provider TV-ad's like this :
"hello mister, good good only" being pronounced with javanese dialect.
At present times, Inglish have grown to many types, and the one we're gonna learn is Provincial Inglish. (based on my explanation, why i sounds so serious?no juwt said "it's not so important information, but it's fun")

let's take a look.

Provincial Inglish... are like the ones mentioned below:
Jakartenglish – Jakarte Inglish is marked by the 'sih', 'deh', 'dong', 'nih', etc.
e.g :
- That book is very good, deh.
- Can you speak english? ... yeah a little sih I can!
- Use my money first nih..
- Give me more dong..
- How sih? Little little angry..

Javelish.. The typical Javanese language: 'lho', 'lha', 'tho', 'kok', 'ki', etc. Usually, it is being used at Central Java
e.g :
- Lho, I already bought that book!
- Kok, buying again?
- I told you many times 'tho' !
- Lha, I didn't know tho yo... how ki !?
- Don't be like that, noh....!?

Other exclamation words of Java: 'wo~', 'wah', 'wé', 'jian', and 'jéh'
e.g :
- Wé, lha this book is mine jéh...!
- Wo~, only like that tho!
- Wah, expensive, tho?
- Jian, Vera is beautiful tenan.

Surobenglish is marked by 'tah' and the famous word is 'diancuk'
e.g :
-Do you feel sick, tah ?
-Diancuk... he took my money !

There are also abundant 'sound effect' in Javanese language. but actually, it's just an exxageration, and it didn't have any meaning at all..
e.g :
- Suddenly, mak bedhengus Curtis appeared
- My head feels pain, mak cleng!
- Mak tlepok, I got a manggo !
- My chicken is suddenly died, mak cekengkeng
- Mak gedebug, Curtis fell down.

and that's some flash introductions to Inglish. :D
keep practicing...and i'm sure you'll get better at this.




jian.... crazy tenan toh!!!!!!
my cheek is wide ki...

funny, tho? :D
if you have any other word, tell me jéh...
awake peno wong suroboyo aseli? *lha kok nyampur??iki kalimat yang ga isa lepas dari kepala, gara2 kamu ini :p*


of course lah.......... hihihi...
quite impressing pek our english! ♥'ve reached advance class in this Pang :D


WEDIAN.. this is so mekso waah

n how come my name is di-mention mention nang here?


Oh eM Ji...this is ... *speechless* hahahaha

you rock noppi....


aduhhhhhh..this is very funny!!! hauhauhauha (this is also inglish riteeeeee..!!) I LOL on all the examples lohh wakakakka ^________^


weee...dont be so shocked lah...
it is wes common in our daily conversation y to...
sing most important is everybody understand ta iye...
yes or no? y yes no...oyi je? hahahaha...

komen kalian is kaco loh....

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