For Coldplay fans, maybe you've known that they'd just released their newest music video for the song "Life in Technicolor II". The video shows the traditional house that having a party, with an old-school puppet shows that transformed into a miniature Coldplay concert, with each member in real puppet forms.

According to the video’s director, Dougal Wilson :
the unique format was more out of necessity than aesthetics since the band could not defer time for the video while on tour. Instead, they suggested to Wilson they could be in the form of puppets for the video - an imaginative solution, which worked brilliantly.

Now, that answered the question "why the band didn't show up?are they having a chickenpox?or are they having an acnes attack?" :p Ladies and Gentlemen...Coldplay!

here's some of the music video's pictures :

and here's the result, Enjoy :)



I knew it! :p

tried to find some pics...can't find 'em...even Google couldn't help me...
so i have to print-screen each acts, and compose them altogether...

but it's nice :)


this is the fabuolous (tulisane piye se wes pokoke sangar) band
Coldplay slalu piunya video klip yg beda.. dari yang nenek2 dance(hardest part), jalan mundur(scientist), n many more cool video clips...fix you... clock... violet hill...

Keren nop
eh low...

pokoke iki band top deh lah

di indo ada yg niru, Nidji.. mulai dari warna musicnya, sampe attitude nya bikin vid klip n performance yg beda...

kalopun nyontek.. tapi masi salut lah
nyontek hal yg bagus demi kmajuan...

9 jempol buat coldplay

@ juwt :
itu yang bener...

taktambahi 1 jempolku...biar genep 10 wes :p

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