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Hi all :) Blue is back.. Just a quick update of my life..
I quit my in-house designer job and has decided to back to be an independent designer. If you ask me why i quit, then maybe you should read What's your inner voice telling you. That's a true story which pink posted few weeks ago.

I still need time to adjust myself to this new time schedule and else but i really enjoy what i am doing right now.
assistant lecturer + independent designer + so much free time = productive + happy

That so-much-free-time gave me space to think and think... to dream and dream.. you have a dream? what is it? do you have the courage to pursue it?
tell me, i really want to know :)

blue (in the process of re-creating her dream and pursue it, wish me luck ;p)


dream dream...
just dont forget to walk through it
in advertising always been said like this "passion passion passion"
but suddenly my friend changed it.. n i think it is true

"passion passion patient"... so have a lot of passions n be patient..
same to dream
have a lot of dreams. n reach it...


agreeeee :) a very nice quoteee
mine used to be "passion patient procrastinating"..><
i'll try to change it to "passion passion patient" :D

♥ good luck blue!

But I know u have too many dreams.. which one are u pursuing now? hihihi..

"assistant lecturer + independent designer + so much free time = productive + happy"

if you're pursuing your dream...please make less of free time...
free time is only to relaxing your tension :)

but i love your calculation...hahah


hahahhaa :D
enak kalo kerjaan = hobby c!! ^^;

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