The Rules of Good Parenting

A while ago, my besties posted a link, it's a manual about the ways of parenting your baby. I myself, find it very funny and interesting. Come to think of it, i know there is some rules to take care of your baby, but a manual?are you kidding me?why should taking care a baby needs a manual? and most of all, did you know that there actually IS a baby manual? i think it's a great gift for those who "soon-to-be-parents", just in case, at least you can be proud to yourself because you'll save at least one baby's life indirectly :p

This is serious, you should read and keep this way of parenting on your minds. (okay, no need to be serious when reading the rest of this post)
anyway, Pink, thanks for sharing this. just like you said "hmmm.. interesting, silly, and very entertaining.. ♥"
and readers, enjoy :)

don't forget...keep this on your minds

keep this on your mind, okay?


and I'm still haha hihi everytime I see those pics.... LMAO
they're soooo freaking silly..... :)))))))


yak ampun ini diupload 1-1 fotonya?????
hahahahaha just saw this on Ang's fb.. funnyyyy!! jok jd bapak yaka gitu ya nop....hihihihihi

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