Friday Night Life | 27.03.09

We've past another Friday again...that means weekend is ahead :D

Okay, did you ever wondered how we spent our weekend (or at least, Friday is our weekend)? it was always simple actually....gone to the cinema, have a nice dinner, talk a lot about everything, from the important one to the very-unimportant-matters a.k.a ga penting!, and laugh (in fact, we laugh more than we talk...haha).

So, we think we'll review what we've done, what we ate, what we watched...oh one more thing, don't expect the review to be so professional, we are reviewing based on what we feel, and what comes to our mind at that time :p

okay, first thing first...let's go for some ice cream!!
yellow : "HEAVEN!!what should we pick...what should we pick..."

they look so tempting...Moooomy, can i have my ice creaaaam?pleaase?
pink had a combination of Durian and Cappucinno
and me?Durian with Ichigo a.k.a Strawberry...awww, sweeeeeet!

hey, finally 3 of us got our latest photos together! that's a rare opportunity!

This were our last night's dinner :D
clockwise : Japan Hamburger for Emmy, Salmon Teriyaki for Pink and Blue, Katsudon for me, Cha-Siu Men for Anton
I had the Katsudon, tasty, but not "like-eating-nectar-from-heaven" tasty
oh one thing i remember, this place's Green actually GREEN...literally...

Yesterday's movie : Dragonball Evolution
nice movie actually, but we weren't understand the beginning of the always, we were late (again...). but overall, worth to watch, enjoy the movie, and don't compare it with the mangas...cause the manga itself is full of fantasy things, besides, what do you expect from 40 issues of Mangas to be compacted into 86 mins of movie?

anyway, while i was searching for that DBE movie's poster, i run across this short comic from Miao :
this is funny...hihi

our friends : left-right - Anton, Pink, Lilly, Dennis, Chong, Emmy
i'm the one who take the photo, and Blue was gone back home earlier...
that's why you don't see our faces :p

Ah...i love my life...


ah... (o´ω`o) this is so typically our friday night.. ♥
I'll review them-lalalala~

Goota's gelato: ☆☆☆☆★
Yuuuummmy..... *lick lick*

Iki-sai: ☆☆★★★
Just average. The place and waitresses failed to impress me. :"p
My salmon took quite a long time to get served and it appearance was a big shit..
It was like: let's just put this slice of poor salmon on this 1 piece of nearly called fresh lettuce.. I'll shower you with some teriyaki sauce.. done. Now get lost in someone's tummy... DUH!
note: the chili sauce in the pic was me-just to added some color for my shot.

Dragon Ball: ☆☆★★★
ha ha ha. . . . I think the comic above is funnier than our movie last night nup.. hihi.....

setuju dengan IKI sui...ah
just so-so average...nothing special
"I'll shower you with some teriyaki sauce.. done. Now get lost in someone's tummy... DUH!" - nice point! wakakakakakaka

let's try something new next time :D mu lo mi...isa ada bintang2 e..hihihi...
setujuu...drpd iki mending KFC :p


this is the first "good" review about dragon ball movie

ada yang bilang itu film kayak makan makanan india trus tb tb dateng makanan steak ala prancis trus blum kelar uda dijejeli makanan ndeso
intine campur aduk ga enak
kbanyakan mreview sbagai film jelek

ada yg bilang yang bagus cuma wardrobe nya (cewe)
katanay tll banyak "pameran" buat cowo tentunya


personally aku blum liat

jadi makin pnasaran
smakin jelek smakin diomongin
kayaknya smakin mnarik buat diliat
buat dicela tntunya

apa alagi janji bbrapa orang yg nyebut ttg pmandangan super extra tsbt hahahahaha

ah film ini lumayan lah...
asal kamu nontonnya jangan dengan mengingat embel2 "Dragon Ball"
anggap aja kayak pilem eksyen biasa...

banyak "pameran" buat cowo?
ah pasti yang ngomong belom pernah liat Ghost Son...
coba liat...apik itu, film berkelas Oscar, recommended film of the year!

ahaaa i also made a review bout the friday movie night out at --> just isenk :P

btw komik hamsternya mbanyollllll... hahaha apaan seh itu?!!

btw btw btw laen kali kalo movie night out lg..kita pas mau masuk bioskopnya foto2 yah?? ;) *asal jgn telat aje*

@emmy: ayyyuuuuk!!! hihihihi ♥

@nop: ghost son x maksudmu nop? huehehehehe

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