Welcome to the month of love :)

First of all:

Allow me, Miss Pink on behalf of Pebeye welcoming you on our new page! hehehe.. Welcome welcome... What do you think? Aren't we look pretty? ;)

This is our first fully customized theme, made by Nopi de yellow Pebeye- of course with approval from pink & blue.. hahaha.. :D Thank you so much Nopi.... You're one talented designer for sure... :)


Valentine's day is just a few days ahead...*sigh* Lucky you-who's not in a LD relationship.. and lucky you-who have found the love of your life.. Be grateful guys... To love and to be loved in return is one precious thing in life. :)

And tho I believe in "everyday I love you", Valentine's day is still a special day.

Don't be shy.. Just tell our special ones how u feel. :)

Third, hmmm.. today I want to share Smilebox with you. :)

U can download the free software here. It's for Mac & Windows! yay!

This slide below, I made for my blue & yellow...

I love you guys... ♥

Click to play Timeless Friendship



Thank youuuu Pink ~^^ ❤

for the scrapbook video...it brings back a great memory :")

ps. i love you too..........:">


how did you get those video at the very back of the slide?
it've been a long time ago...hahaha
the scrapbook...it's cute...and touchy :)

They're on my cdma. It's been there since 07. hehehe.. :)

Mellow Yellow

hi hi hi...im new here...hehehehe...

@ Pink : '07?? wow, what a memories... :)

@mellow yellow : we welcome you then, Di :p

happy valentine's day to all ppl on earth :D
since i dont really celebrate this year val's day.. lets just say.. loving day doesnt only fall on Feb 14th, but everydayyyyy!! *menghibur diri sendiri* hehehehe

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