My first nail extension! yeehaaa!

So, what do you think? ♥


..and they are black! cool!
with those earrings, and necklace, and bracelet...
wow you got style! haha

hahahaha... Kamsya!

klo kukuny mami...
kapan hr dicat pink..
skrg di extension black..
selalu keren :D

aw... :"> *happy*
tengkiu mon2.... ♥

geniiiiiiiittt!!! bahh!!!
*pdhl mupeng*

wekekekke... :D
keren abizz pink!!!

wahahaha... tengkiu emmy cayang.... hihihi...
tp mosok genit em? iku dandananku gak girly lo padahal lek km liat langsung... hehehe...

mupeng? ayuk kapan2 melok bikin... mau? :D

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