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White is currently my everyday lover.. never a day without meeting white.. hihi :">..
If he's gone, of course i will shed tears :'(, can't work too >.<
But.. despite how unlimited-big my love is.. sometimes white's appearance bores me..
That's why, i often put some accessories on him.
Oops.. forget to tell you.. White is my macbook.

Here's part of my white's screenshot. I changed the picture of the folder, to make it easier for me to find files. Also, to let my white has some fun.. hihihi..

Compare the left and the right.
Which folder set is better?
I'm using the left set.
I made the right one (old-blue-classic folder) just to show the comparison to you.

The good news is..
i have a FREE loony animal folder set to decorate your computer too!

Feel free to let us know
if you have trouble changing it

Hev Fun Experimenting ^^~


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