Thank you for the nice Valentine's day!

So, as i promised's some photos of us at Valentine's night yesterday. Enjoy! :)

here's what we were eating last was beautifully taken, wasn't it? :)

Anyway, right after dinner, we decide to watch the midnight cinema at Surabaya Town Square. And guess what?we can't even enter the parking lot! it looks like everybody spend their valentine's night here. Great. So where to go next?

our friend, Anvin suggest and offer several choices, like:
1. spend the rest of the night at Karaoke booth
arrived at 10PM. At first, Pink thought "what kind of people spend their valentine's night at karaoke?"...but we were wrong, when we arrived, even we have to queue until 11PM! so here's my answer for your thought Pink : "the people who don't know where to go, because everywhere elses is already full-booked" :p hihihi. forget the karaoke...let's move on.
2. Drago Brasserie
it's a cafe, located at the main street, but unfortunately, the parking lot is soooo poor. that's why i'm too lazy to go there -_-;
3. Church
yeah, you're not wrong or misread it...CHURCH! at almost 11PM. Great idea, Vin.
3. Starbucks
this is where we were spent the rest of valentine's night together.

this is another beautiful photo
shoot. it's Pink again :) thank you for your time and this nice photos! seriously!

Anyway, thank you to all of you guys (Anvin, Adi, Chong, Yudi, Hany, Big), who are willing to spend your time with us :) we were surely had a great Valentine's party! let's hang out together again some other time :)



what? great Valentine's party? hell no!!!!!! hahahaha

ya cuma masalah nongkrong di Nav aja yang diluar perhitungan Vin...hahaha


next destination : Bandung Lautan Cewek

hahaha.. melooook..... sopo EO ne? diplan waaah.......

chong ketok paling giras... hgahahaha

hi hpy valentine smuanya...
wow pinky bgtz templatenya..keren, keren! :)

btw lho koq pindah? mungkin krn blogspot lebih user-friendly ya? :-/
huaaa jap food at indo..kangen.... <3


tengkiuu dave :)
iya...lebih pendek dan themenya bisa diutak utik yang disini :D

iya...keliatannya enak bgt makanannya >< ak ga ikut dave..

Lho Ai emangnya ke mana kok ndak ikutan? *br ngeh nga ada Ai di poto*

iya pit... ai valentine-nan sendiri tuh.... ;p

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