Blood types and it's characteristics

Some of you maybe know about different blood types and their different characteristics (even you maybe also knew about blood-type diet). Okay, so in today's post, we're gonna see their characteristics. Oh, don't worry, i'm not gonna explain it with lot of words and "dictionary-languange-that-only-God-and-scientists-know-what-it-means". It's in Indonesian, but i'll provide the English translations for another readers :)

Each Blood Type Characteristics

1st pic
A - (Thinking) Ugh.. nasty...
O - (Thinking) Not as good as I make it
AB - %$^&%##
B - slurp..

2nd pic
B - Yuck.. what kind of food is this?! Really not a food for human!

Below the pictures:
One of the positive thing for blood type B (or negative thing) is that they just say what they want to say. Even though B is thinking the same thing as the others, he has the guts to say it out loud.


About their way of thinking...

1st pic

AB - ....

2nd pic
B - What are you doing there?

A - Why is he like that?
O - What's wrong? Why? Why?

3rd pic
AB - don't you guys feel there is a monster aura down there? very scary laugh...

the others - ""-____-

Below the picture: AB's way of thinking is unique and special. Very hard to understand it.


When driving

AB situation
AB - Owww
Its easy for AB to get sleepy in the car

B situation
B - Hey girl, wanna join me?
B very easy to get distracted, likes to look around.

O situation
O - OMG! He drives very slow! Damn! Is that a car or snail?!
O rush and easily get bored

A situation
A - it is still 300m up front. still able to accelerate for 200m. that bus is still braking slowly. hehe.. I am good..
A really wants to be perfect and very proud with his/her ability

when they're all in one car

A - huff, I have the talent (slowly)
B - (singing) baby let me hold you~
AB - huahh~
O - can you drive faster? Boss, put the pedal to the metal!


When they get together to gossip about other people

A situation..

1st pic
A - "He is careless when he's talking!"
Always able to talk about others flaw

2nd pic
A - "He likes to talk about other people behind their backs even though he's kinda good looking"
Likes to talk but does not say harsh things

3rd pic
A - "Hope he won't find out about this"
B - "O really?"
O - "100% correct!"

A afraid if the person he/she talking about finds out about it..

B situation
A - "what do you think?"
B - "I just know he's like that"

B doesn't really care/notice about these things

O situation
O - "ARRGH! He is just a piece of trash!"
B - "it's starting.."

O will use a short, simple words that gets to the point

AB situation
AB - "you guys are the same as him.."
the others - bi**h

AB will stay cool, tend not to join in the conversations


O cannot be on time.

1st pic
O - "Sorry! You guys have waited for a while huh?"
The others - "Huh, like usual" "You have a busy life huh?"

2nd pic
O - well, the train is always full
A - (on the phone) all of us are here, where are you?

3rd pic
A - (on the phone) WHAT?! STILL AT HOME? Why not go out?!
O - ?

4th pic
B - Huahh~ Suddenly I don't feel like going out.. Just want to stay at home..


From what I heard, different blood types like to stay at different places when they are in a room.

A - Likes to stand next to the wall
B - Likes to stand in the middle
O - Likes to wander/move around the room
AB - Likes to be by themselves at the corner of the room

This is how when different blood type are in the same room (last picture)


Other characteristics

1st pic
Teacher - Don't ever cross this line!
O - Why?

A situation
A - mmhhh~
will never cross the line

B situation
teacher - WEI!!
once being told, do it right away

O situation
O - ...
Wait for the teacher until she's not there, then cross the line

AB situation
AB - him and him too
O - hahh~
B - Ouw!
wait for the teacher to come back then tell her everything

when together.. just like this.. (last picture)


So how's about that?is that true?you tell me :)



trueeee :p

I'm an O... true true true... :) hohoho...

Some parts true. Some not. The driving parts salah tuh Nop...

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