Aremanvin Vs Designani Wall Art

Hello reader, we meet again :) it's been a while since our last post.
i haven't made any post yet few days earlier, because me and my friends were doing some wall art for this past few days. At noon, we've got work to do, so the only time left to do this was only at evening till midnight, that's why it took long time to finished it. But, i'm glad it's done near-perfectly (yeah, we've made some here-and-there adjusment from the sketches)

anyway, you can see our works here :) Enjoy!

let's begin with sketching the first wall...

first coloring...

another drawing and coloring...

still coloring the first wall, while the others are begin to sketch the second wall

detailing the first wall, and (still) sketching the second's...

final result on first wall, but still lack on detailing...

far from perfect sketch and coloring...still got a lot of work to do...

coloring the second wall...

yeah, you're right...that's Punk there :)

i don't know what he was doing...sleeping maybe :p hihi

yeah, she needs some sleep too :p

detailing the artwork...

doing another final detailing and finishing...

the "workers" (there are still 3 peoples, but they aren't there at that time)

anyway, here's the final results:

the first wall,

the second wall,


the "not-so-beautiful-hands-of-artists" :))

look, even we've got our lovely blog's name written there too! hahaha

how' that?not bad wasn't it? :) and it's nice to work with you guys!



hahaha ada promosi blog nya.. :D
keren abiiiiizzzzzz..
tetaplah berkreasi DKVers!!

hidup aremanvin!
hidup designnani!
hidup pebeye :p!


ayo kapan mau kumpul mural lagi? hehehehe....makan tami dan sing penting kumpul2 lagi....hahahha

revisi yang diatas nop:
designnani harusnya tulisannya designani pake 'n' nya cuman satu...hehehhe

kaget aku, takpikir aku yang salah ngecet designani...matek kon.
eeeh tibakno,
itu aileen ae seng salah ngetik :p

Super-punky art, very nice Fang Fang.

soriii ><
designani hiduppp :D

Walah Nop ojo coplok jantung'e...
Ai seng salah malah jantung'e Nopi seng coplok..... HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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