Have you done your "25 Random Things"?

A while ago, i received a note at Facebook with my name tagged along with it, and i've seen many friends of mine at Facebook writing this "chain-letter" note about themselves, under a title "25 Random Things". Why i called this a chain-letter? let's see the rule :
At first, i thought it was same as usual note and other "chain-letter" thing. And yeah, i'm not so into this kind of things actually. What kind of facts you can write?the answer : ANYTHING! you can tell everybody about your dreams, habits, goals, even you can tell the facts about yourself that even your friends aren't realized. (i've read the note of someone who shared his favourite sex position...and it's so damn funny!).

For someone who thought it was a spam, you need to re-think, cause this "25 random things" has became a phenomena. This note even made it to New York Times' article! you can read the article here.
I think this note became popular because it makes people think about FUN facts of themselves, and they want to know their friends better by letting them write the note too. And just wait for the chain reaction, the other peoples who enjoy the fun facts will write another note about themselves, and tagged a few peoples along...and so on...and so on.

As for myself, i've tried to make this note too, but i don't know why, at that time suddenly i felt blank and i didn't know what to wrote, it's harder than it looks. But i'll try and see if i can publish my "25 random things about me" here, of course after i published it on my Facebook.
Meanwhile, care to share with me your "25 random things" ? :)



i have done this!! :D
and woww keren yaa..sampe sgitunya!! :)

iya, unexpected loo...
sementara saya?teteeep, belom buat :p

i did :D...ayo manaaa punyamuuuuu?

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