this Valentine morning...

So, how are you, readers? it's Valentine today, for those who celebrate it, we wish you have a very nice Valentine's day with your loved one. Also, for those who are single, don't worry, you have your friends and family with you, because Valentine is not about sharing love just to your loved one, but with everybody, your friends, family, etc. (why suddenly i sounds so wise?). Besides, "Everyday is Valentine", right?

Anyway, my Valentine's morning (okay, afternoon actually) activities started with checking my mail, my FB, my cellphone, and drop by here :p, no special things. And i have to attend a "small-gathering" party this evening. Maybe, there will be 8 persons, 2 of them are girls, the rests are boys. One funny thing while i invite this boys, they keep asking the same question "who are the girls?", "any girls?", "why don't you invite any girls?", "why are boys more dominant?", "do you have any girl friend?, i prefer the single one", "are we having a gay party?" (okay, so far this is the weirdest question). Don't you worry guys, we're gonna have a great time hanging out tonight!. Just like what Mika said :

"...Everybody's gonna love today,
Gonna love today, gonna love today.
Everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today,
Anyway you want to, anyway you've got to,
Love love me, love love me, love love..."

By the way, while i was writing this post, i also browsing to somewhere else (now you know why i always take a long time to publish posts), i found this interesting thing :

the tagline is : there is something wrong, it is not a film about livestocks
Kambingjantan the movie : This the movie i want to watch next month. A weird title actually, KambingJantan is Male Goat(?) in English, this film is about life's story of a male named Raditya Dika (if you happen to understand Indonesia language, feel free to see his blog), and his "extraordinary-and-stupid-life-experiences". Why i want to watch this? because i've read his 4 previous books before, and believe me he is truly a funny guy and a talented young Indonesian writer! So i'm so curious about his life's story (errr...his stupid acts actually :p). Can't say much, just wait for the film and the review.

Okay, i think that's enough for now. Gonna make a cup of iced tea, grab some cookies, and watch the next episodes of Southpark :p. After that, i'm gonna attend tonight's event. just wait for the exclusive photo :)

to be continue...


wowww i gotta watch this movie too! :)
and happy val day to you nov ;)

happy valentine day everybody ^^ ~

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