Morning Surprise

Happy Syalala...^^ ~

I got a sweet surprise today as i opened my office door. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw them! SIX steamed cupcakes in choco, strawberry and pandan were lying surrender as they were queuing to enter my tummy..hehe..

I was wondering how thoughtful my God is, providing me with foods when my stomach was grumbling for meal ransom this morning! I began to thank HIM then, for placing a very lovely buddy right beside my desk -who is willing to get up at dawn to homemake this yummy cakes- hihihihi... You gotta to try this delicate heaven made :p Well, since all of them has gone to our tummy. I'll beg her the secret recipe for you then..

blue : " you mind sharing d recipe with our reader? pleeaseeee :p"


Hmmm…delicious and lot of sugar cakes in the morning (what a breakfast’s Snack) Hahahaaa… It must be fun

Leeennnnnnnnn!! tadi pagi temenku telpon, de’e bilang post ku ga isa dibaca coz ga ada tulisane (sama kayak kamu). Rasae waktu itu aku langsung copy dari Word jadi crash gitu HTML nya.
Ini udah aku benerin, coba’en ke sana lagi ya and let me know if you can read it, yhnak you so much Island


omg ce.. 6 abis smua tuh km sendiri yg maem? hahaha

@ jak: ok..otw to ur site..:)
@ emmy: ngga em >< diambil anak2 kantor sebagian…huks…ak cuma maem 4 klo ga sala…


bisa kebaca len?


Ok, lain kali foto nya Eugene n Cliff n Shane :)
tapi post nya yang nggak mengerikan kayak pengalaman barusan.

@ aileen : dibawain 6 buah…kamu “cuma” makan 4?
hmm…cuma 4….


iyo…cm 4 y…hmmm…

*spank* nopi and adi..hehehe
hr ini ak juga ‘cuma’ makan pie applenya upang 2 potong..:p mo minta lagi si sebenere..hihihi…..*enakk*

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