Do you love your job?

Ms. Blue is noticing that not everyone love the job they are doing.
But surprisingly, a lot of them simply decide NOT to leave and keep staying miserable.

She understands that each of them might have a different reason..
Some might be necessity. No job, No salary.. OMG How do i live..
Some might feel it's their fate. This is my family business. I don't want to have dat ungrateful-rebel-child-look if i escape..
Some might be status. Leave it means good bye to my lifestyle..
Some might be anxiety. I don't know where else to work..
Some might be fear. I can't face all those gossips and judging if I say bye to my job..
Some might be sacrificing, or salary, or 'sungkan' mode or else..

But as they continue to go through it.
They're suffering the exasperation everyday while wishing..
that one day it will make sense..
that one day day it will worth it..
then they will begin to doubt whether the sum of good is just equal to the pain..
Well, What Ms. Blue is trying to make you aware is that:
She learns that the burden will hug you tight
just as long as you have the courage to cut it off.

As what Johnny Carson said:
"Never continue in a job you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health,
you will have had MORE success than you could possibly have imagined."

ps: Don't you love being paid for doing what you really love? :) ♥


this is so true and i am so agree :D
i wish later i’ll have job that I love..

oh you will em :D
all you need is a plan and passion on your job :D
for more information about passion on job, please follow
haha, replyku formal banget!


i know you will got the job you love em… :D

job is like boyfriend..hehe
once you match with it…
you will complete and happy ^^


angele pek mbocone
enggres kabeh hahahaha

jadi intine opo iki?
ada seng isa njelasno pake jowo ga?
kromo inggil lho yo


@juwt: lo….ini biar universal..semua org ngerti..sekaligus supaya km bisa belajar inggris :p


There is another alternative. Learn to love your job.

Not easy, but not impossible either. Some people do succeed in this way. But I think working environment is one great factor in this.


agree with u mot :)


kok isie mirip ky sesi pas camp jur kmrn y…


@ adi : yee salah Di. ini kan soal mencintai pekerjaan, yang takbawain kan soal keluar dari comfort zone…hayooo…ketahuan gak menyimak yoooo :p
kemana kamu waktu itu?takrekap lo ya!


Don’t you love being paid for doing what you really love?

the answer: Yes!!! Thanks for the nice post :)


Your welcome jak :)

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