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Today, I spend most of my time hanging out with my brother who's gonna be graduated as a young doctor this June. Despite the fact that i used to grab red score for my high school biology (that's why hate bio, hehe:p), i'm addicted hearing his story about medical. I wonder how he explains all about i-should-know-general info about health in a way like my mom storytold cinderalla bedtime stories when i was a child. (Oh..I love my brother so..hihihi)

He told me a case from his professor:
Suppose you are a doctor in a small clinic in a remote area. What will do if you have an emergency patient while the medicine left is expired?
a. going out to town as fast as you can
b. looking for herbal medicine in a forest
c. do nothing
d. let him drink the expired drugs

What's your answer, readers?

I answer A but i was wrong
He said that the correct one was D
and screamed "WHATTT??"

then he explained:

The expired drugs is not a poison.
The expiry date's really just there as a mark that start from that day, the power of the drug will begin to degrade.
Like sailormoon with her moonstick light. Before the expired date, the light is 100% powerful to make the evil turn into dust. But after expired, it will only make the villain faint...then after sometime...it will only make them weak...then it will become useless. 
The conclusion is: with or without her sailor power, sailormoon is not dangerous. In other words, first emergency treatment by letting the patient drinks a less powerful drug is better than not giving him medicine. :)

Tiba2 aku teringat teriakan ini: Sailooooorrr Mooooonn...dengaaaan kekuatan bulaaaan..akan membunuhmuu :p


ama i right doctor adhi? :p
*just trying to be a doctor wannabe..hehe*



When I read that, I also answered D. Yay! Correct!

I guess this posting will be a useful information for all of us, but never try to drink “expired : 11-2005″ drugs anyway. The core message is : in case of emergency, sometimes the expired drugs can still be useful..

Okay, stay healthy always.. (well done, dikku!)

hmmm.. thanks for sharing blue… ♥ :)

@kris: yes..you’re right..but the number of poison expired drugs is very very low..and as what doctoradhi said too: in case of emergency that drugs might be useful :)

btw, i’m happy to know that pharmacist read our blog :p
where do you come from? nice to now you

if you don’t mind maybe you could share what drugs are dangerous…


i m from india where the pharmacy is in nacent stage.


Hooo..baru tau kalo ternyata gitu…thanks for the info :)

btw, epidemi writer’s block ku udah sembuh…there’s a new post in my blog (akhirnya..) yey!! :D

oya…?? I’ll check ur blog then…otw there JAK :)

Hi…kris :D nice to know you then…
mmm…i’m really curious about how is it in india..i’ve never been there…
do you have blog? we also want to ‘visit’ you..hehe


in india the doctors has the more say. they dont recognise the pharmacist here. here we are treated as lower class people.
i have seen that they are giving wrong medicine to patients and they patients dies.

@ kris:
really?? :(
how about the patient’s family who’s left behind?
don’t they sue the doctor?
That’s really a criminal!


they dont come to know that there was a wrong drug given.

oh…how poor they are… :'(...

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