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"Friends are like bra, close to your heart, and always there for support"

So, yesterday, when i was delivering snacks to my friends, they asked me something...to create a blog for them (what a coincidence, since i've just made my own blog last night before). The reason is simple : to have fun and make a journal of their thoughts and experiences. but the process to making this blog is not that simple as it looks! (trust me, you should be there with us when we create this). okay, so i sit in front of the computer (with "fruit-bitten-by-something" logo), and showing off my (amateur) skills on blogging...that's when the first problem occured...the NAME!

Before i came, they've already pick many names, such as rainbow, happy, happy rainbow, etc. etc., but some peeps already picked them...let's think about different name, something nice like bitter, sweet, bittersweet (hey, i become more expert in word-combining) , sweetnsour, sweets...and guess what? the names has been picked too! hmm, let's try something unique (i prefer to call it unique, rather than weird) like : hahahehe, hahahihi, hahaha (it's the name! not a laughing, we're no crazy yet)...and believe me, we couldn't use them either! wth! okay, let's keep trying...we combine our fave colors...pink, blue, and yellow...pinkblueyellow (haha, i showed-off my word-combining skill again, peeps)...and Voila! it worked! the pinkblueyellow officially born on 15.01.09. thanks for my partners support! and thank you too, siomay, pisang molen...haha

Actually, we're planning to take this blog to new level...let's see, we'll try to maintain this blog as a space for us to share our thoughts, experiences, journal, travel and living (reminds me to Discovery channel :p), foods, fashions, anything! we would love to share it with you, readers...even our craziness and madness.

You can see the author's faces above, yes 3 retarded persons (okay, 2 retarded persons actually...what?okay okay, 1 retarded person, there, happy? hahaha). The founder of pinkblueyellow, and also 3 close friends. So, enough for introduction...and the first post...can't wait for another posts.



◕‿◕ •supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! ❤


yeah :D supercali–bleh bleh brut breh—ya begitulah…hahaha
susah amat!


asiiiiiikkkk.. good luck yaa bloggingnyaa… harus blog everyday!! i, my self, have 4 blogs.. but only maintain 3 of them :p

hurry register any cute domain klo kepikiran nop!!

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