Mac: fun @ office

That pic is just another way of having fun during our hectic day. A friend of mine wondered how naughty we were, sneaking out office time for doing that. But, He is totally wrong! Those aren't a long digital imaging. Guess what, We only need 1 minute and voila! :)

Those are an add on effect for Macintosh Photo Booth. Just in one minute... Our face is stretched up, fresh and we're ready for the HARD work *again*! Well, It's not fun to have fun alone. We'd love to invite you too. So quick..grab it here :)

Our tips is: Use 4 multiples shot in 3 secs instead of single shot. The icon is in the second down left of ur photo booth. You will have a more natural candid fun pose. Also, Apple will auto layout it for you in a square row like our pic above.



It’s still sneaking out, even just 1 minute. But hey, who am I to tell? :D

1 minute for snapshot refreshing is far better than your 1 hour chatting..:p
i knew you did it desk is just in front of mine…hihi


is it applicable for PC? or common webcam? :D

sorry em :( it isn’t….but i’ll looking for it for you…just wait for our next freebies :D

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