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Hi, its Y this time :D
Just like the title, today i want to take you for an english lesson. Actually, i want to tell the story with inglish (english that written just like the pronounciation, e.g : just like the title; jas laik de taitel) language, but it's so hard, and i'm afraid the funny part will lose...but i'll try my best to keep it funny.

So, there are 2 persons in a small car. they talk about "Nothing" (really, literally Nothing). Let's call this 2 persons as John Doe and Jane Doe. The conversation start when Jane asked John to pronounce "Nothing" in front of her...

John : Nothing (with the sound of "h")
Jane : say it again
John : Nothing (again, still with the sound of "h")

Jane : louder
John : Nothing (still...with an "h" and now let's add some "confusion")

suddenly, John opened the car's window and shout to outside "NOTHING" and at this time, Jane is laughing hard (this time without that "WTH-are-you-doing" kinds of look)

Jane : now say "Something"
John : Something (still, with "h")
Jane : now, "Anything"
John : Anything (whats wrong with Jane today??)

and Jane told John that she usually speaks fast, so she didn't give much attention about pronounciation to what she said. the "problem" (that shouldn't be a problem actually) is the "h" pronounciation in "nothing"... ooow, so that's the point of this conversation...really simple, let's try it again. okay, this next conversation should be the funny part of this:

John : how do you pronounce "Nothing"
Jane : Nothing (this time, without an "h")
John : ow i c...that's the problem...let's say "h" you should say it "Nothing"...not "Nating"
Jane : Nothing (attempts #2, still failed a bit, but it's getting better and better)

John : yes...there, you actually can do it. say it like that. N-O-T-H-I-N-G
Jane : okay N-O-T-H-I-N-G. got it!
John : great! now say it
Jane : NATING!
John + Jane : ...let's change the subject...

okay Jane, just like an old saying..."Practice makes PERFECT"...keep practicing, Jane!

ps: it's inside joke, but i'm still grinning and laughing when i type this story. the last part of the conversation was made by me myself inspired by the points of the conversation mixed with some funny stories that i remember. but hey, it's still funny :p whoever know the true identity of this John and Jane...just keep it for yourself. and for Jane...whoever you are...you're truly a funny person! Merdeka!


ooooo kempel…
This is seriously not an important ting, based on all the ting I read..
I even wondered how could u write samting like this.. this is seriously nating. ;p *sigh*

yeap…it is nating sih, just for fun.
maybe next time i’ll write samting interesting… :p

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