Size Does Matter

a perfect choice for "small" snakcs

Last Friday, we went to Sutos (again). But before that, a night before, we've already decided where to eat...and the choice goes to : Kafe Betawi! (it's amazing we can decide where to eat, because usually we'd always answered it with : "sembarang", "aku ikut aja", "boleh lah", "meneketehe", "ayo giliranmu mutusi").
Anyway, change of plan, we came to Sutos far to early, thanks to Typography classes that end earlier that day. Decided to have a little snack time, the sacred question came again : "Where to?" hahaha...and again, we can't decided it. So that way, we went to try something different.. Frankfurter, famous for their "gigantic" burgers and hotdogs...what a perfect choice for "small" snack.

Braatwurst, beef sausages + turkey

this is Hotlamb, Lamb sausages with a slice of smoked turkey

this is Crazy Cheese, a combination of minced meat and cheese,
see those sausages compared with Pink's fingers?

Who said that size doesn't matter now?



hahaha.. tengkiuw2 nop..
mama:"entek me??"
me :"entek reeek..."
mama:". . . . ." dan berlalu dariku.

hahahaha...sudah tak sanggup berkata apa2

isilah titik-titik diatas :
mama : ". . . . ."
a. Anakku sudah bisa makan banyak
b. Ciamik kon Me...
c. Oh Tuhan

wakakakak... sialan.
mungkin seng C bee ya. hahahaha XD

mwahhahahaha... ini 1 org 1 tah????

iyap bener Em...
1 orang 1... :D
namanya juga snack "ringan"

Rumahku cedek soro ama Sutos tapi belum pernah cobain Frankfurters hehe..
Abis liat foto2nya, kayak'e wajib tu dicicipi pas ke sutos :D

wah wah...welcome, master kulinernya Surabaya
ayo ko Jie, cobain juga :D

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