Not An Ordinary Friday Nite

guys, forget that comfy couch...'ve been a long time since my last post.
no, i'm not dead nor raise from dead...hahaha, it was a busy weeks, and somehow, i'm just too lazy to share anything.
But, today i'm back, just wanna do a quick share for you. As you've known that we usually spend our friday nite with movie and dining out, but not like yesterday. We've found new toys!

It's actually only a simple block games, made from wood, and painted with different colors.
the package came with a set of colored blocks, an arch-shaped block for the fondation, and a dice with 3 different colors on it.
the objectives is simple, just try to put as many blocks to the fondation without falling. you rolled up the dice, see what colors you get, take the same colored block, and put it. but believe me, it's harder than it's look!

the beginning, it was sooo simple, easy right?

all the players, we don't need those couches...all we need is concentration

make your move, make the person next to you suffer!

umm...since when the games became so hard?

Impossible! LOL


try at your own risk!

my pose while playing

the game was getting hot

hold your breath....put it right there

insanely beautiful

Thanks to Bucks for lending the spot for us to play this game :p
can't wait to play another game with you guys and girls again



si encik TINNAAAAA

hihihi. I love this post...
now i have evidence to show to my mom... hihihi..
thank u nup!

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