wish i have a notebook like this!

I think almost everyone have ever balled up their paper. Have you? :)
And it always in the moment that we stuck with our idea.
So i guess, this is the perfect solution of encouraging a fun brainstorming!
check this out~

balled up papers

the notebook (front and backside)

this gorgeous notebook is designed by trapped in suburbia

i think they sell this notebook already.
i do want oneee!!!!!
blue ♥


kok asik ini notebook e...
punya ini malah cuma dipake 1-2 kali sisanya eman buat dipakai...hehe

lo...justru pasti tapake klo ak...untuk diuntel2..bukan dipake nulis :p

Another cool find. Great job, blue!

wahhhhhhh lucueeeeeee... iya pasti eman dipake kalo gini.. heuehuheehe...

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