Tonight, this panda is crying

Crying Panda...

so yesterday was my big day :) finally 24, and now i'm officially become more mature, more responsibilty coming, and also a lot of "been there, done that" moment i've passed. thank you for all my friends, colleagues, and so many birthday wishes and prayers...I thank you all!
and i thanks GOD for giving me all those blessings until i reached who i am right now, please keep an eye on us always :)

anyway, tonight i'm not gonna share my birthday party pics, i'll done it on my next post, besides, there are lot of photos, and some of them are on other be patient and i'll post it later :)

My day started with an alarm, 8.45 AM on saturday, means i've got to take care of Pink's farm *hahaha why did i sounds like a real farmer here?*, and then the day went normally as it wasn't my birthday. no problem, i've used to it..haha.
Replying all the birthday wishes that keep on coming, actually it's fun, seeing the messages from those who care about you, and from some that are not..hahah no problem, thank you anyway.

My most memorable birthday's greeting?
there are 2...from Pink and Blue.

this one from Pink. funny and adorable! it really describing me and my besties...LOL you really know how to make me smile

and this one from Blue...although she's faraway at HK...she still made me this, considering her busy schedule :)

afternoon, went to Atom, hunting for vampires and unfortunately, they weren't there *the truth?no one sell DVD...ah great another counter-piracy ops* so, i'm back home empty-handed. totally...great. (Dear Punk, please be patient for Damon and Stefan...hahaha)
Back home, planned to back online, see the farm, and suddenly the electricity went out. decided to sleep, and guess what?i even cannot sleep, there were so many workers doing their job renovating the house...purrfectooo. so i just waited the time to go to my birthday party.

So?what's my surprises for this year?
first thing first, from myself, i've decided to go pro on my career, and i take that as a challenge to become more advance.
so from now on, i'm not using a "freelance" term, but please welcome "Y-ellow!Creative", and hopefully, I'll make a business plan with you Pink :) remember my promise?let's make it work, and i mean it. God won't abandon you, so i ikut2 aja kecipratan berkat-Nya...hihihi...kali2 ajaaa nular dikit2 hahah

second-if this can be called a surprise-my besties has grown her hair back to the black, long-haired beauty..hahaha...i'll spell it for you pang...B-E-A-U-TIFUL... hahaha you look stunning :D
i'll reveal your surpriseS later pang...*see those (S)?*

you're a liar Vin! where's the G-String?? LOL

this one's came from Anvin, the one who couldn't came to my party, the packaging reallu ressembles himself as narcisstics...the wrapping paper actually printed with his own design. the content? a lil bit surprising, since he gave me a instant polaroid camera!
wow, i'll find the film and we'll take a pic together!
Pink, looks like i'm gonna go using this polaroid instead of my current SLR when we go hanging out! perfect match with your diary!

birthday card from Anvin...the image was actually a rhinoceros...can't you find more proper image of me?huaahhaa

Santa's Elf from Emmy and Andre...oh nice to see you Ndre...and thanks to both of you
already named it "Eman"...from Emmy + Andre...hahaha

seriously guys, next year, fill it with more dangerous things, or snakes, lizards, or chemical substant...

This much came from Ivan, Mario, Tina, and Bugs. packed tight with newspaper, cardboard, and so many newspaper again inside. FYI, the actual gifts was the books, the rest as you can see, i'll describe it for you :
1. 2 boxes of multivitamins, filled with stones
2. 1 box of cough syrup, again, filled with larger stones
3. 1 box of potato chips, again, filled with much more larger stones
4. 1 bundle of newspaper, again, filled with much more larger stones than before
5. 1 plastic bag, still, filled with 2 large stones that still had sands on it
i love you guys, no one will give me surprises (or should i say "challenge") like you could...hahaha
oh yeah, not forget to mention your greeting card
what kind of greeting card is this??i should decrypt it first before i can see those messages??

and now, for the final surprises : really make me smile and made my eyes wet in the middle of the night
a full supplies of Hello Panda snacks for 1 year!and it came with instruction's manual!

this ones really made me smile widely and you did a great job on my task "things that reminds me to you" Pang!
no one will gave me these snacks except you. and i'll make a storage for it :D one for each month right?
btw, should i remind you that the snacks expiry date is less than one year? should i eat it when it expire? no problem, still a long time before the expiry date kok :) oh sweet heaven! ^^

this one's amazing!i love the diary!illustrative, and witty X) sure we're gonna use that diary whenever we travel or hang out!
and, very much thanks for those black box... you shouldn't put yourself into troubles finding a gifts for me actually...
having you as my best friend means a lot more for me :,)

i love your poems, i love your words, and i love how you write the message right from your heart, i knew it whenever i read the messages.
so, let me do the same to you, i'll dedicate this message for you too. FYI, i was wetting my eyes when i read it first time.

"I'd like to be the sort of friends that you have been to me.
I'd like to be the help you've been always glad to be
I'd like to mean as much to you each minute of the day
As you have meant, old friends of mine, to me along the way.
I'd like to do the big things and the splendid things for you.
I'd like to give you back the joy that you have given me.
Yet that were wishing you a need i hope will never be.
I'd like to make you feel as rich as I, who travel on undaunted in the darkest hours with you to lean upon.
I'm wishing at this time that i could repay
A portion of the gladness that you've strewn along my way.
And i could i have one wish, this only way would it be.
I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me"

and i was wetting my eyes again when i type it...thanks for the lovely message Pang :,)

you remember earlier that morning i was waiting for your greetings?
hahaha...i mean it, because like i said before (what's the phrase?Novi 19:45?hahaha) : "You have an ability to persuade someone with your writing". that's why i still keep those birthday and other occasions card :)
sometimes, re-read it again can soothe and calm my feelings when hard times at work and others come :)
so blessed i am to have besties like you Pang.

anyway, it's 4AM in the morning...should go to sleep soon...and once again, i prayed to God.
"God, thank you for all those friends and one best friend you gave to me"



awwwww... *breathe*

where should i start? this is one touching post nop....
am so glad that you love them... hihihihi. and the expiry date... nggg... i didn't check it man!!! hahahahaha forgive meeeee >.<

about "eman"????
dang, u cracked me up!!! LMAOAOAOAOAOAO...

no worries about the expiry date pang :D it's still a looooong time before expire
so we still can replace it with the new one, just 1 or 2 box i think based on my calculation.

Eman?hihihihi...came across my mind like always.


bagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pandae noppp...kmu kan badak bukan panda...snack pandae jadi buat ak ae...hahahaha

:') what a happy birthday yaa ◕‿◕

how lucky u r to be my mimi's panda!
ahh...pingin hello pandanyaa >_<

btw...rambute mami panjang lagi ka?


ahhhhhhhh emannnnnnn... speechless..
hehehehehe :))
anyway im touched with upang's bday poem.. aww :)

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